Ontario Chapter Meeting Minutes

ABATE ONTARIO CHAPTER minutes 4\11\2021

Start Time10:08 am      Members present : 9
Pledge of allegiance . Moment of silence for fallen bikers. This was skipped this meeting,

Opening Remarks : Welcome everyone! Thank you all for attending .

Reports :

Treasurer, Bruce : Made  financial report available to review.

Products, Bruce: Online store up and running. Check out the website to order. New products have been added, neck gators,bells, pins. Discounts for quantities  offered to other chapters . We will be at the Canandaigua Civic Center  on 4\18

Membership, Rob: Not  present:  We have 45 members.

V.P., Lynn Smith: We are planning runs for summer events.  Plan on adding 2 more runs this year. We will be going West to The Eternal Flame for our Memorial Ride on 8\22 and we are heading South for our Fall Foliage Run on 10\10. Any suggestions welcome for other ride destinations.

Legislative Coordinator, Don: Nothing to report

General Discussion, President, Vinnie:  Discussed basic First aid for accident scene management. If anyone knows who could do this , have them contact us. May is motorcycle awareness month. Does anyone have any ideas for this?  We will have road signs and bumper stickers available at out booth at the Canandaigua Civic Center if anyone would like some to help spread the word. Discussed possibly having a bike Blessing and attending Forged Alliance Bike Blessing on May 16th.What can we do to boost membership? Also, discussed changing meeting location back to Jose and Willy's.  Freedom Rally has been cancelled again this year.

Meeting over 11:35  Don made first motion to close, 2nd-Bruce

Next Meeting May 2nd at Roy's in Manchester. Hope to see you there.

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