Ontario Chapter Meeting Minutes


Start Time 10:03am      Members present : 11
Pledge of allegiance . Moment of silence for fallen bikers. 

Opening Remarks : Welcome everyone! Thank you all for attending .

PRESIDENT: VP Lynn Smith standing in

Reports :

Treasurer, Bruce : Went over accounts, available to review.

PRODUCTS: Bruce:  New items. Have memorial patches for Vinnie for sale..

MEMBERSHIP: Rob: 42members


VP : Lynn Smith

Meeting dates and events set up for next year. Motion was made by Lynn to make Vinnie a Forever member, approved.  Discussed a possible new meeting place for winter. Discussed other chapter business. Discussed doing our Swap meet this year, usually 3rd weekend in March. Lynn will check with Moose Club  and Kings Catering. Food pantry delivery beginning in December. Memorial ride planned for Vinnie on 6/12/22. Christmas dinner out to be planned.

Nominations for officers made: President: Rob  VP: Lynn Smith Treasurer: Bruce Taylor Legislative : Don M. Membership : Audrey  Sgt. of Arms :   ? Secretary and PR : Jackie A.  Products : Bruce ,Road Captain : New member Bear  Nominations closed.  

Legislative Coordinator, Don: Sleep Act approved and signed into law.

SECRETARY\PR,  Jackie:  Nothing at this time.

Meeting over 10:53


Next Meeting December 5th at 10 am