Ontario Chapter Meeting Minutes

Meeting date:  September 11, 2022                       Attendance: 7
Meeting  began: 9:43  AM
Pledge of Allegiance and moment of Silence for fallen bikers.

Thank you all for coming.

President: Rob: next Saturday 9/17 we will be riding out to Phoenix legion  for the 
Distribution of  the donations from Vinnie and Bruces event. We will meet at the 711 
on the corner of Rt.318 and Rt. 14 at 10AM and ride out from there. Sunday the 18th
we will be at the Steam Pageant grounds for Jeff and Becky's swap meet. The 
following weekend  9/24 and 9/25 we will be at the Naples Grape Festival in front
of Luigi's. 
Vice President:   Lynn: Rob covered everything. We do have nominations coming up next month.

Membership:  Steve : 40

Treasurer:  Jimmy;  not  present

Legislative:  Don: All the primary voting is done, now is the time to endorse your 
candidate. They want to put adapters on all new cars so they don't go over 55
MPH, want it in all vehicles by 2024, these safety standards are set at federal level.

Secretary:  Jackie: Nothing to report.

Audrey VP for State: went over state reports

Meeting Adjourned at 10:20 AM 
Rob made motion to close. Don 1st motion, Audrey 2nd.

See you at the next meeting on October 2nd.