Ontario Chapter Meeting Minutes


Start Time 9:50 am      Members present : 10
Pledge of allegiance . Moment of silence for fallen bikers. 

Opening Remarks : Welcome everyone! Thank you all for attending .

Reports :

Treasurer, Bruce : Went over accounts.

Products, Bruce: Online store up and running. Check out the website to order. New products have been added.  website is being redesigned. Products went well at Swap Meet. Vinyl sold well.

Membership, Rob::  We have 44 members.

V.P., Lynn Smith: We are planning runs for summer events.  Plan on adding 2 more runs this year.   Planning June 13th ride .

Legislative Coordinator, Don: NYS changing way of voting. Check out new candidates for local elections.

General Discussion, President, Vinnie:  Discussed basic First aid for accident scene management. If anyone knows who could do this , have them contact us. May is motorcycle awareness month. We will be getting more road signs. Discussed possibly having a bike Blessing and attending Forged Alliance Bike Blessing on May 16th . Discussed meeting location back to Jose and Willy's. Ideas to boost membership. Discussed designing a 4x4 parade ride sign and logo. MRF is up for renewal, approved. Ben Rabin will be attending one of our meetings to discuss importance of extra insurance for bikers. 

Meeting over 10:33  Bruce made first motion to close, 2nd Rob

Next Meeting  June 6th at Jose and Willy's, Lakeshore Drive, Canandaigua. Hope to see you there.