Ontario Chapter Meeting Minutes

ABATE ONTARIO CHAPTER minutes  April 3rd 2022

Start Time 10:02 am      Members present : 11

Pledge of allegiance . Moment of silence for fallen bikers. 

Opening Remarks : Welcome everyone! Thank you all for attending .

PRESIDENT: Rob Hagenbuch   :  DIscussed  Freedom Rally. Discussed the Region A meeting (Unity Rally) in Batavia on Aug. 13th at the Quality Inn. We had a meeting for this event. We can ride out that day or go on Friday and stay. The Quality Inn gave us a great deal on room rates. which are 70.00, just mention ABATE to get discounted room rate.  We need baskets for Chinese auction. We will also  be setting up a table at Jeff and Becky's swap meet on April 10th from 9 to 3.  Memorial patches for Bruce and Vinnie have been ordered. 

JODY, our Region Coordinator was in attendance. He stated that we need 3000 signatures for the Petition # Look before you left# Creto\Kades law. As of this morning we have 789. Flyers were distributed to chapter members. He also requested ABATE members attend   the Camp Good Days Run on Aug. 6th.  It is a 3 hour ride with car and bike show.

Treasurer:  Jimmie: Not present

PRODUCTS: Looking for someone to step up and take over products. 

MEMBERSHIP:  42 members


VP : Lynn Smith: .   Route planned for Bruce and Vinnie's ride. KSU at noon.  We will be leaving from Jose and Willys. I am now planning June 26th ride. Received a Thank you card from Mama Cindy for our donation. Was used to help ship packages to our soldiers and their K9's. We also received the Forever Member certificates for Vinnie and Bruce

Legislative Coordinator, Don: Sleep act went into effect 4/1/22. Jeff Callahan is running for State Assembly. He was a former ABATE member.

SECRETARY\PR.  Jackie:  I have posted Vinnie's memorial ride on a couple different websites. Have been putting flyers up.  Date for Mama Cindy event is July 16th and the 60 for 60 run (out of Cicero Legion), which will honor Vinnie and Bruce is on July 10th. Meeting will be at 9 am that date. I have been posting Look Before You Left petition on other Biker sites. The Traveling Memorial Wall will be at our June 12th ride.

Officers: President: Rob Hagenbuch                           VP: Lynn Smith

Treasurer: James Ribble                                                  Secretary\ PR: Jackie Atwater

Legislative Coordinator : Don Mohr                              Membership: Steve Backer 

Meeting adjourned:10:57 am Made motion Don 1st Jackie second

Next Meeting :May1st   at 10 am at Jose and Willy's. Hope to see you there.