Ontario Chapter Meeting Minutes


Start Time 9:55 am      Members present : 13
Pledge of allegiance . Moment of silence for fallen bikers.

Opening Remarks : Welcome back everyone! Thank you all for attending .

Reports :

Treasurer, Bruce : Gave financial report for June.l Working on online store. Donations for items such as shirts, patches and pins. A link to the store will be on Facebook. Have to set up a paypal account. Will order shirts when order is placed. Will use $150 from savings for initial order. Ride fliers available. 

PR, Darlene: No report.

Products, Bruce: Products available. Have new shirts with new design. ABATE logo on sleeve. 

Membership, Rob: We have 48 members.  

V.P., Lynn Smith: Working on giving refunds to swap meet vendors. Received refund from Kings Catering.

Legislative Coordinator, Don: Read state meeting minutes to group. $1K donation to MRF. Membership down. Tom Alton is Treasurere. Locally, Chris Jacobs 27 district. Gantt passed away. 


General Discussion, President, Vinnie: 2021 Business Seminar in Ontario County? Contact hotels. Mama Cindy's rided on 7/18. Have 150 yard signs. Member from God' Country Chapter in attendance. Chapter Party in Colesburg in August.

Audrey: Need to keep email addresses up to date for State communications. 


Meeting was called to close at 10:55 am. See you all next Meeting !

Minutes for April 2018

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