Ontario Chapter Meeting Minutes


Start Time 10:10 am      Members present : 11
Pledge of allegiance . Moment of silence for fallen bikers.

Opening Remarks : Welcome everyone! Thank you all for attending .

Reports :

Treasurer, Bruce : Gave September financial report. 

PR, Darlene: Event on Facebook and website for Fall Foliage ride

Products, Bruce: Online store ready to go. No more State ABATE patch. Chapters to make their own patch. We already have one. Create new life member patch? Discussion to buy own cutting machine. 

Membership, Rob: We have 45 members.  

V.P., Lynn Smith: 10/11 Fall ride to benefit food pantries. Ride to the south. Have 50/50 raffle. 

Legislative Coordinator, Don: Election coming up on November 3rd. Vote! 


General Discussion, President, Vinnie: Xmas party, should we cancel? Yes, cancel. November 29th is All Wheels swap meet at the armory. Do we want to participate? Yes. Will take products and quilt. 

Nomination for Board Members: President, Vinnie Smiraglia, Vice President, Lynn Smith, Membership, Rob Hagenbuch, Secretary/PR, Shaena Daum , Treasurer/Products, Bruce Taylor, Road Captain, Jeff Rogers, Legislative Coordinator, Don Mohr


Meeting was called to close at 10:55 am. See you all next Meeting !

Minutes for April 2018

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